Commission on Volcano Geology
Commission on Volcano Geology
Commission on Volcano Geology

Commission on Volcano Geology

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About IAVCEI Commission on Volcano Geology

Volcanology has made great advances in the last three decades, becoming a modern interdisciplinary science for quantifying volcanic processes, their associated hazards and impacts on society and the environment. The explosion of new techniques has reduced the prominence and perceived value of geology, despite it remaining the main source data for volcanic system, process and hazard modelling. In order to highlight and strengthen the role of geology as a critical foundation for modern volcanology, we have created a IAVCEI commission on Volcano Geology. This will promote postgraduate research in geological aspects of volcano studies, provide a forum for discussion among researchers on new developments in geological studies in volcanology, and encourage multidisciplinary research across the wide range of geological fields involved in volcanology. A special attention is given to the geological fieldwork and mapping in volcanic areas as the basis for detailed volcanological, magmatic studies, computational modelling and for understanding the behaviour of volcanoes and their future activity in terms of volcanic hazards (for active or recent volcanoes).

The activity of this Commission will be to organise and promote regular field-based workshops, special sessions at major conferences and special volumes to encourage development of new geological approaches and tools toward improving our understanding of volcanic systems. Further, it will form a focal point for exchange of information between geological researchers and students and a portal by which a broad range of geologists may access and contribute to volcanology.

Currently, the Commission on Volcano Geology is lead by Karoly Nemeth ( and Natalia Pardo (